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Productivity begets Productivity

Importance of Salah on time as a productive habit that every Productive Muslim and Muslimah should establish in the workplace. 

         No excuses. No exceptions.

Today we'll look into ways to stay focused at work and avoid distractions.

Normally, people blame technology for their distraction. They'd say that they are less focused because of Facebook or Twitter or their phones... etc. 
However, I would argue that technology is not to blame but we are to blame! 
We allow such technology to distract us mainly because of the pleasure senses it activates whenever it delivers those new messages from our friends or followers. 
Definitely more interesting than the boring report we're working on!

So how do we manage to stay focused during the day at work? Here are a few tips:

1. Plan exactly what you'll do as soon as you arrive at work in the morning. 
Sit down with a pen and paper and plan what you'll do during that day hour by hour (I normally encourage that you do this the night before, however you can also do this at work when you arrive).

2. Do NOT open your e-mail first thing in the morning (and definitely not Facebook/Twitter/or any other time wasting activity).
This would just kill your productivity early in the day and it'll be hard to snap back into work mode after that.

3. Get ONE important task done early in the day.  
Choose ONE big task and spend a good 90 minutes to get it done. If you are able to complete it or achieve good progress on it, you'll have such a sense of achievement that you'd not want to waste the rest of the day getting distracted.

As I always say, laziness begets laziness and productivity begets productivity. If you start your day right with the right planning, getting one important task done and don't start your day with e-mails or Facebook/Twitter/Youtube... etc, you'll have a far more focused day in sha Allah.

cc : Productive Muslim

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